How It Works?


Just click on the “add a group” link on the upper right of the page and fill out the quick form to start your own group. From there you can add items you want to share and add emails to invite your friends to visit the private group. No one outside your group can have access to your listings of things to share. When you lend out something and put a due date, we will remind the borrower and you, via email, that it's due. No more awkward calls to get your stuff back!

 If you received an invitation email to join a group, just fill in the group name and password and you are ready to view the items your group has for sharing and you can post your items anytime.

<<  It’s 11pm, do you know where your DeWalt power drill is?  >>

There is no cost to join or use this service (you can create up to ten new groups, but join as many as you want)  This is not a bartering site or renting out your stuff site. It is simply a quick and clean way to loan out seldomly used items that just sit in your garage, like a lawn mower, a spare bike, a old canoe or a table saw.

Ways you can use BorrowStreet:

1.    Trusted friends (inner circle) sharing random things

2.    Neighborhood street sharing tools, gardening equipment, etc.

3.    Gamers sharing games, consoles, etc

4.    Specialty car club sharing very very expensive one-use tools

5.    Group of friends buying a boat together and coordinating usage dates

6.    Family and extended family sharing stuff

7.    Companies (internally) or with other companies sharing equipment, office supplies

8.    Formal clubs / associations (Lions club or photography club)

9.    Church groups

        10.  Book club and exchanging books or sharing your favorite books

        11.  Do you have something for free, but don't want to give it to a thrift store? Post it on your BorrowStreet
        group to see if anyone wants it (as they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure).

        12. Swap stuff -- Arrange a 1 to 1 borrow deal (ex: I'll borrow your skiis for my kayak, up to a month)

        13. Post events, shows, plays, etc, etc, that you think your group would enjoy.

No money transactions will take place, since this is free sharing among your private group (however, if you do charge your friends, then we do not handle any finances or are liable or are responsible for collections or bad blood that may be the result.) The key here is to grow your group and the items to share. You will be surprised in the things that your friends have to share that your really need!

Do you have a fun or scary sharing story to share? >>click here

Try our site out for a few months and harness the POWER OF BORROW STREET

--The BorrowStreet Team  (Fairfax, CA)        

<<  She is my Facebook friend, but sorry, not my BorrowStreet friend! >>