What is Borrow Street / About Us

BorrowStreet helps you share stuff with people you know. You can belong to one group or many groups, but by invitation only. It’s like Facebook but for sharing things. You can simply start a group and start inviting your inner circle. Start one for your mountain bike buddies or one for your church or another for your gaming circle.
When you lend out something and put a due date, we will remind the borrower and you, via email, that it's due. No more awkward calls to get your stuff back!  There is no cost to join or use this service (you can create up to ten new groups, but join as many as you want).

<<  She is my Facebook friend, but sorry, not my BorrowStreet friend. >>

This is not a bartering site or renting out your stuff site. It is simply a quick and clean way to organize seldomly used items that just sit in your garage, like a lawn mower, a spare bike, an old canoe or a table saw. We all borrow things from friends, relatives and neighbors, so it would be magical to just organize this and see all the cool things your group can accumulate in this sharing circle. You’ll be amazed as the group grows and you can start trying out new hobbies that seemed expensive (kayaking or skiing) and doing it for FREE.

Then there is the great feeling of recycling big items and not adding it to the landfills. Don’t forget about SAVING MONEY by not buying something you use once a year (skis for example or a power washer).

"...that's the whole meaning of life, trying to find a place for your stuff!" -- comedian, George Carlin (see clip)

"I have many fun outdoor camping or sports stuff that are a bit beat up, but work great, so I don’t care if they get scratched. Like the free canoe I fixed up, giving my family with hours and hours of fun. Can't wait as my BorrowStreet group grows and has dozens of “old canoes”  to test out. -- Martin, Californa

Notice the super simple templates and interface? We realize a craigslist-like simplicity is key for success and it reduces confusion and increases the speed of the site, so you can add more stuff without clicking a hundred times and searching through a maze of ads. Facebook and Instagram are much more fun with more friends that share more pics and messages, so will BorrowStreet be for you with more borrowers and more stuff.

<< Yea, I trust her with my kids, but not in my BorrowStreet group—are you kidding me?  >>


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Try our site out for a few months and harness the POWER OF BORROW STREET

--The BorrowStreet Team  (Fairfax, CA)